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Candice Vice

Candice Vice


I am a North Carolina-born, Georgia native, who currently resides in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia. I am also a mother of 4, married to a man who keeps me grounded and out of the malls. There are three things I am passionate about chasing God, my children, and sunrises. My favorite past times include: reading, running, and oh yeah, photography!

Questions for Candice:

When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer?
I picked up a camera thinking that I could save money photography my own family, expecting to produce the same quality of work that the pros did. Boy, was I wrong! I never knew the amount of work and time it took to produce this type of art. And if there is one thing I love, it’s art. What better medium than photography?
What is your type of style?
I am a portrait photographer that places a great deal of importance on forging solid relationships, capturing life’s beautiful masterpieces that will be cherished for generations to come.
What is it about your business that makes it stand out and be different?
I have always had a thing for old/vintage Hollywood glamour. From the dresses, to the makeup, and even a head piece here and there, it was simple, and it was beautiful. My sessions consist of a full makeover, and may include a dress or two depending on your shoot.  I mean, where else are you going to get a complimentary makeover?
Why should I choose you over someone else?
First off, let’s just acknowledge that our only competition is ourselves. I know, I know, here we go with the cliche quotes. But it is the truth. There will always be somebody better than you, always. Plus, I rather support my fellow photographers than to “steal” their business. We have all been blessed with a different view, and my view is to show you how fearfully, and wonderfully you have been made.
What is the turn around time to receive my images?

The minimum 4 weeks, which gives me time to ensure that you recieve the best of quality towards your images. 

Meet the Team

Anita Blake

Anita Blake

Secretary, Hair and Makeup Artist

Charles Patric

Charles Patric


Charles Patric, also known as Charles Charles on Social Media, is a professional model and Makeup Artist. He got his start 4 years ago doing both when he signed with his first talent agency in Virginia. Since then he has been featured on many runways and behind the scenes of many fashion shows and industry networking events. Charles works to be a role model and to create life long memories with his clients doing what he loves. He is driven to deliver his best work every chance he gets.
Elba Dore

Elba Dore


Elba Doré is a native of New York City and is a Navy Veteran and Navy Spouse based out of Virginia Beach. In 2012 she received a license in Cosmetology from Parisian Beauty Academy (A Paul Mitchell Partner School). Since then she has styled and has done makeup for Hair Salons, Bridal Parties and Runway Shows up and down the east coast. She has styled ladies and men alike, and takes pride in bringing out the natural beauty in each and every one of her clients. Elba’s main goal is not only to achieve the look but to make you feel amazing.

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